About our Snooker Tables

We have 5 full size snooker tables in total, 4 standard tables and 1 match table.

The match table is so called because it has STEEL BLOCK cushions, these are the Rolls Royce of snooker cushion because you don't get a more uniform, consistent spring from anything else.  These cushions are made of 3/8" steel plate onto which the cushion rubber is fitted thus giving the truest bounce you can get.  Our pockets are cut to the same size as our standard tables but are shaped to match specification thus providing a slightly tougher but not impossible table.  Our match table rate is slightly more than  the standard tables and for this you not only get to play on the highest quality of table you also get TV style lighting and a match set of balls.

We endeavour to maintain our tables to the highest standard, they are brushed, blocked and ironed every 2 days and regularly recovered.  Every table has a full butt and half butt rest set and we have specialist rests available for those tougher shots.

Snooker Competition

The club is home to 4 snooker teams all competing in various divisions of the Oxford and District League.  You can see more about the league on their website www.odbsa.co.uk
Our team players benefit from FREE membership whilst they play for one of our teams, FREE tables for matches, FREE food after the matches and HALF PRICE practice tables on league nights.
If you are interested in forming a team or moving your team to the club please email us.
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Table Booking

We operate a table booking system, if you would like to book a table call us on 01993 779078, we reserve tables based on 30min slots, if you know how long you want to play you can book that session or just reserve a start time and stay on as long as you want.  If you havent arrived within 30 minutes of your start time we reserve the right to give your table to other waiting customers.