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American Pool has come to Witney

American Pool Table

The beginning of March saw the installation of an American Pool table in our club, although made famous by the game of 9 Ball and the Mosconi Cup.  It can also be used to play 8 Ball, 10 Ball, Straight Pool and 1 Pocket to name a few of the main games.

Englands Darren Appleton recently broke the World Record for Straight Pool in a match against Francisco Bustamente of the Phillipines when he broke and ran 200 balls to win the match with his opponent never potting a ball.

Our table is a SAM K-Steel table one of the most durable on the market and currently used by the GB9 Ball Tour for all their events.

Governed worldwide by the World Pool Billiard Association there are many events around the World and a fair number of English and European Players which top the rankings.  The sports associated with American Pool have gained in popularity over the last 5 years and the GB9 Ball Tour formed in 2008 now has 86 players on its rankings and there are numerous smaller tours and events held around the country most notably the Total 9 Ball Events.

So why not try it out, we are sure you will find a game you will like and if your good enough maybe you will progress onto playing events and become the next Big Thing.

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Table Booking

We operate a table booking system, if you would like to book a table call us on 01993 779078, we reserve tables based on 30min slots, if you know how long you want to play you can book that session or just reserve a start time and stay on as long as you want.  If you havent arrived within 30 minutes of your start time we reserve the right to give your table to other waiting customers.